What is Flygut-seq?

Flygut-seq is a transcriptomic resource that complements the original Flygut website. In Flygut, you can find an interactive database that hosts an atlas of Drosophila gut regions, and provides microarray data of the main regions. In Flygut-seq, we now provide an additional genomic resource, that includes cell specific, regions specific RNAseq of the main midgut regions. In addition we provide cell-specific gene regulation in response to oral infection with the entomopathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas entomophila.

This resource is associated with the publication: Regional cell-specific transcriptome mapping reveals the regulatory complexity of the adult Drosophila midgut. Devanjali Dutta, Adam J. Dobson, Philip L.Houtz, Christine Gläßer, Jonathan Revah, Jerome Korzelius, Bruce A. Edgar and Nicolas Buchon

How to search Flygut-seq?

To search the expression profile of any gene, start typing the flybase identifier, CG number, full name or symbol of the gene and select its full name.

If you'd like to compare or plot multiple genes, hit 'add' after each gene instead of submit. Once you have your full list, click submit.